Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi


Given the name Jordan Nichols at birth, this 21st Century Social Media Mogul & Branding Guru, who takes on the spiritual name, Yerodin Ghedi Adwin Beluchi, most notably recognized by his stage name, “Preech The Profit”, is a well-known Spoken Word Artist & the Founder of Black History Enterprises, Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine, & The Poetry Movement Collective. Even though he has completed a total of roundabout 2 years of college courses, Preech The Profit has found his niche as a writer, a performer, and an all-around, innovative, and facilitating entrepreneur. He is most actively involved in performing arts, written press, business services, marketing, and community affairs. He is dedicated to preserving and highlighting the struggles and accomplishments of people of African descent. He is most respected and regarded for his work as the Editor-in-chief of Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine.


“I have had the honor of reading the works and witnessing the teachings of those whom many refer to as Master Teachers. So-called “African-American” men and women who have established themselves as scholars and influential leaders…these elders and ancestors that I’m referring to, dedicated their lives to the study and teaching of their scholastic discoveries; many of which were not widely taught. Through their efforts, they enlightened and educated me and many others on the unfortunate struggles and great accomplishments of people of African descent and therefore have encouraged and motivated me to dedicate myself to this great cause in my own unique and creative way.”