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Digital Photography

Digital Photography

For your business and personal  needs,

we’ve made the photo shoot process easy and convenient. Convenient to meet your schedule and needs. From contact to delivery, we make the process easy.  Let us shoot your latest products or next event.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you are in incubation, start-up or a thriving business; Design Studio dlx3 can create a strategy that will propel your business to the new endeavors.

  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • Social Media
  • Print Products: brochures, business cards, banners, etc.

Digital Design

Digital Design

The best consultation, design and revision process

Our pride lays in knowing the project is completed and our clients are satisfied with the work.

Free design consultations will create a lasting relationship, that will produce beautiful and effective projects

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What else we provide?

Global online support

Wherever you are we our support team is ready to assist.

Free consultation

Because a consistent brand is important, we strive to help your cover all aspects of your branding needs.  Many services require a consultation to make sound decisions  We offer this as a free service because we value your consideration of design Studio DLX3.

Digital Presence Development

In a beyond digital era of communication, Design Studio DLX3 innovates by pushing enterprise ahead for those with vision.  We bring forth your vision for your business or brand with stunning images and compelling content; all on your website that speaks directly to the world.



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What our clients say

“We needed a creative and efficient branding plan that wouldn’t break us in the process. We believe in having at least 5 streams of income. We are producers of many things and sellers of few! We also wanted to make sure the process wouldn’t drag on. Design Studio dlx3 understood the vision and accepted the challenge. They met with us, asked the right questions; they created a complete brand combination that worked for our budget for right now. We will be working with them in the near future.”

Thefarmergriot.stolenafrikan.com Developer@yahoo.com

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John Doe CEO@google.com

Is your website content up-to-date?

Content creation and management is something we know a lot about.
Design Studio dlx3 is equipped to take your business strategies and help execute them. We can provide the know or we can do it for you! Its your time, and we're your team.

  • Research related topics
  • Prepare digital publishing platforms
  • Create and distribute marketing products
  • Promote content on social networks and monitor engagement (e.g. comments and shares)
  • Update your websites as needed

Help create a community of creative, resourceful, and Us-minded business and organization owners. We aim for a total mind-set change among vision-minded people. If you are here, its because we have Imani in you. We want to see you and us grow

Artists and Creatives from all modalities
Hospitality, Food and Personal growth
Educators, Schools and Instuctors
Broadcasting, filming and producers


About us

Design Studio dlx3 is a full service design collective.  We specialize in brand building.  As a wali (friend), we strive to propel your business or services further with a strategic plan.

We want to distribute skills like capital throughout our community of walis (friends) and business owners. Our areas of expertise range from photography to content management and every little and big detail between.